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Stress Management

The long hours work culture in the UK is leading to record levels of emotional and mental stress.


"A report has claimed that people who are unable to work due to mental health issues cost the UK economy £70 billion each year with 40 per cent of all people claiming for disability benefits."
The Daily Telegraph Feb 2014

The primary area I work in is stress management. Clients come with a range of physical and mental symptoms – low energy, low mental strength and a low self-esteem. Relationships are often strained & typically it is work and its pressures that are the prime culprit.

A Joy Health programme will work with the client over a number of sessions to reduce the intensity of the pressure felt by the client, by working on balancing the body, calming the mind & spirit and giving practical tailored tips on how to cope with day to day issues.


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Testimonials for Stress Management

"I have been seeing Nicky as my angel therapist for 3 years. Nicky communicates with the angels and has helped to show me a path through a problem many times. Nicky also helps me to communicate with the angels myself and I find that I can ask them questions. This is especially powerful when I am at Nicky's house and having a treatment. I also find the treatments make me feel better, less stressed, happier, more at ease with the world, more sure of myself and the direction I want/need to take. Nicky is also very good at giving advice on how to keep oneself going in the right direction with meditation, further reading, CDs to listen to and good types of foods and drinks to take."


"Nicky is an incredibly gifted practitioner – truly empathetic, a careful listener and highly intuitive. I do not begin to understand how she does what she does, I only know that my sessions with her have been profound – they have been moving and powerful experiences and I recommend her wholeheartedly. The wonderful news is the low grade misery I have had for I don't know how long has completely lifted and I feel totally recovered :) " 


"Nicky recently said to me  
'There is no such thing as a coincidence', so when I met her at an open day for health and lifestyle, where she was promoting Angel Therapy, there must have been a very good reason for me to stop at her stand to ask her more about what she did. 
Having had problems with a relationship and a difficult time with many other areas of my personal life, Nicky said she would be able to help me. 
Nicky’s treatment has been fantastic, an experience that turned my life around, in the space of approximately one year. I knew nothing about angels and how their help and guidance could  
benefit me. 
Nicky has been an amazing Angel Therapist with techniques such as chakra clearing, use of colours, crystals, card readings and many more. The advice and messages Nicky received through Angels enabled me to follow specific paths to turn my life around and achieve the happiness I deserve. 
Nicky has also held sessions to teach card readings and holding Angel days to talk to other people about their experiences. 
I cannot thank Nicky enough. If you have any reason to improve your life in any way, turn to Angel Therapist Nicky Marchant to get you on the right track. 
Thank you Nicky "