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A Typical Joy Health Holistic Therapy Session

A Joy Health Session comprises a combination of many traditional holistic therapy treatments, including aromatherapy, music (the highest form of healing), crystals, colour, affirmations, acupressure points, EMDR (eye movements), yoga mudras, Reiki and detailed Angel card readings.  
Each session is tailor-made to the client for that session and by its very nature is unique and special. The session is conducted in my designated treatment room and the environment is blissfully relaxing and calming with aromatherapy oils and special music. 
Each session has three parts:


  • Firstly, I do a detailed Angel card reading that identifies what is happening currently in the client’s life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We discuss the past present and future and establish what we need to clear today and get help with. 


  • Secondly, we balance and clear all energies. The client lies down on the couch with a towel or blanket over them. Crystals are placed on their chakras, harmonising spray and bells are chimed to bring the energies into alignment.
    I sit at the head end of the client and very gently work on acupressure points. 
    Meanwhile the client moves their eyes in certain directions, repeating certain words as affirmations and moving their fingers in yoga mudras.
    All of this clears the mind, and body and brings the client back into balance and harmony.   


  • Thirdly, whilst the client is resting and releasing negative energies and heaviness, I do an additional Angel card reading and channel a special message for the client from their angels to consolidate what is required over the next month and to anchor in the new thought patterns which effectively changes their habits and behaviour. The next steps typically include, some dietary adjustments, an exercise programme, meditation, clearing techniques and affirmations. 

The client always leaves rested and yet energised, and importantly with a plan to go forward. 
The charge is £70 per session. We find a course of 6 sessions spread over 6 months works best. The cost of this is £350, which a considerable saving.


To discover the harmony in your life, open your mind and call me on 07880 783058 or click the button below and complete my short contact form.