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Depression and Anxiety Treatment

"‚ÄčAnxiety or depression affects 1 in 5 adults." The Guardian June 2013.  


Generally it is more women than men, with the highest indication of anxiety or depression occurring in the 50-54 age group (figures from the Office of National Statistics).  


Interestingly, and not surprisingly, 38% of those who said they were relatively unhappy with their health (and with women my experience it is to do with weight and low self-esteem), had some indication of anxiety or depression, compared with 11% of those who declared themselves to be relatively satisfied with their health.


In my experience, depression is a by-product of stress and childhood programming. In a Joy Health Depression and Anxiety Treatment Programme, the approach is very similar to that for stress.  I work with the client over a number of sessions to reduce the intensity of the pressure felt by the client, by working on balancing the body, calming the mind & spirit and giving practical tailored tips on how to cope with day to day issues.

You can see what to expect from a typical treatment session on the Holistic Therapy Session Outline page.


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Testimonials for Depression And Anxiety Treatment

"I began to embrace Nicky's work properly when I understood her work was not anti-Christian - but instead complemented my Christian beliefs. 
Since then, by working with Nicky and the programmes she has set me to work on, remarkable things have been happening. It is not just the mental blockages that have been removed - but also the dramatic achievement of various goals and targets I have set myself. Thank you."