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My First Blog Post!

by Nicky Marchant (Joy Health Coaching)

Hi and welcome to my stream of consciousness called a blog!
In my experience, stress is acidic on the system and creates an imbalance across the whole body. This if left for a while, and everybody is different on this, leads to an autoimmune issue of some kind, affecting the whole system, mind, body and spirit. What is endlessly fascinating to me is how different everyone is in their own special reactions to stressors, but what I am clear on is how important it is to deal with any niggle or pain as soon as possible and how easy it is to deal with in the early stages. If left to compound it can get trickier to arrest and deal with but still progress can be made and comfort can be increased.

In a part of London now the population is split between those Haves and Have Yachts!! It seems health is becoming part of the standard lifestyle option for the super-affluent yet the healthiest diets are as a caveman and raw!! Oh the irony – the least educated you are the more processed the food and the poorer you are in every way – this is not OK in my opinion – rude joyful health is a non class, race, sex issue it is for everyone – imagine the cost savings to the NHS and the world!


My personal mission is World Health.


Thanks for reading. If you have any comments please, feel free to get in touch J.


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