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How to take the stress out of the wedding build-up

by Nicky Marchant (Joy Health Coaching)

Ok so you have got engaged!! The elation of the big decision has died down, it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life yet all these things need to be organised on top of your day job. The strain of organising a wedding can get to even the steeliest of people as all kinds of emotions and issues bubble up from other members of the wedding party.

Here are Nicky Marchant of Joy Health Coaching’s top tips on breezing through the build-up:

  1. Decide what the two of you want – look, theme, colour, feel, location – within budget without lots of ‘help’ from outside, make a list and allocate the relevant tasks – book a wedding planner
  2. Look after your mind – take up yoga and meditation
  3. Look after your body – exercise – the most underutilised antidepressant
  4. Eat well – 3 meals a day cutting out dairy, gluten, yeast, caffeine and refined sugar as much as possible – have healthy snacks by you at all times such as:
  5. Nuts – especially pistachios, almonds, walnuts – are a great source of calming B vitamins
  6. Fresh juices e.g an instant energiser is 4 carrots (organic), 1 apple, 1 kiwi fruit, 1 handful parsley
  7. Lots of water
  8. Avocado, bananas, dried fruits, raw vegetables for potassium to lower blood pressure
  9. Omega-3 oils to balance out the stress hormone cortisol – ideally vegan
  10. Design a weight loss programme if necessary
  11. Take a good multivitamin, multimineral, probiotic – I can recommend some excellent products here
  12. Look after you skin – I work with Swiss skincare brand Arbonne which have excellent chemical, paraben and mineral oil free detox spa products for flawless glowing skin, also anti-ageing with SPF 20 skincare 
  13. Practise makeup for the big day again I recommend Arbonne products which are a treatment on the skin and have opti-light technology, this reflects the light making the skin radiant in all your photographs.
  14. Work with a good hairdresser who knows your end goal and the timeframe to get there
  15. Sleep! 7-8 hours a night sounds old school but it is important and oh no screens too close to bedtime – way too mentally stimulating for the mind


That’s it – you’re good to walk up the aisle and live happily ever after!!