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About Me and Joy Health Coaching

I have always been a person that is sensitive to the energies and moods of people around me. In fact, I was always told to stop being so sensitive! 
I have had a number of turning points in my life that have taken me towards healing myself and in turn helping others to find their way towards happiness.
Studying Psychology at university and working as a qualitative market researcher in the commercial world was completely fascinating - understanding people and how they saw things was a big part of the jigsaw! 
Becoming severely ill in my early 20s and then again in my early 30s, as a result of tumultuous emotional stress, led me down the path of needing to heal myself. 
The doctors simply did not know what was wrong with me, so it sent me out on a quest. Understanding energy and how we cope with stress = another part of the jigsaw.
Along the way towards healing my allergies, and my emotional and mental addictions and issues I found, and successfully used, all manner of alternative health therapies - all of which I now use in my health coaching and healing work. And it doesn't end there! I am constantly adding and improving my treatments. The key areas that I can help with include skin, sleep, weight and depression.
I conduct my treatments at home in my beautiful treatment room, and the pictures you see here are of the surroundings of our home! Come and enjoy the views:)